The Brief

We were tasked by our client Payments Council with launching Paym across the UK - a new service enabling UK mobile users to send and receive payments securely between current accounts of a number of the UK’s key banks and building societies, with just the use a mobile number. The objective was to drive as many people to register for the new service as possible, making it easier for people in the UK to transfer money on the go.

Our Solution

In order for Payments Council to drive usage of the Paym service, we had to guide our smartphone users through a process; create awareness of the service, drive understanding, install trust and confidence in the service, create consideration and convert to usage.

We put mobile at the heart of our campaign and condensed our budgets around the launch date to ensure maximum impact and effectiveness.

Knowing we needed to reach mass users to create joint awareness on the day of launch, we kicked off our Paym campaign with high impact tenancy placements across the UK’s largest social networks, utilising bespoke mobile creative for easy consumption on the go. Continued communications across these platforms after launch provided opportunities to engage and inform, with our multiple message variations, each targeted to key audiences.

We drove understanding with the choice of formats, being bespoke video clips for mobile with shorter lengths e.g. 6 second vines, 6 second Instagram videos and 15 second YouTube clips to optimise to view-throughs, explaining the service in full in native environments.

Ease of payment was illustrated through a bespoke radio promotion on Capital FM, paying winners within 2 hours using just their phone number, and ads across key national press titles also illustrated how simple a process Paym is.

Furthering awareness, D6’s appeared in cinema’s across the UK, at location where money changes hands frequently amongst friends, as well as table wraps in café’s which has similar transactions. This was supported with geo-targeted mobile banners and video banners to areas identified for usage of the service.

The Results

Awareness of such services stood at 45% before the launch of Paym, but just a week after its launch this had rocketed to 75%.

Paym secured 700,000 registered users in the first four weeks, and the 1 million registered users milestone reached within 100 days of launch on 29th April. Over £6.5m has been sent using the service.

In terms of media delivery, our Paym campaign saw:

- Up to x8 higher action rates on Facebook Promoted posts, the Promoted Post driving over 1.6m video plays.
- Up to x4 more efficient engagements on Twitter’s Promoted Tweets in comparison to the finance sector benchmark.
- Over 465k views of the main video asset on YouTube

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